Christmas Shop

Christmas-ShoppeThe Christmas shop features many gift ideas for that someone special or yourself.  Parking is available in the main lot.

Located in Indiana, PA.

Open 9am – 5pm,   November 12 – December 18.

Ornaments – Large selection of Christmas ornaments including Kurt Adler,  Brush animal, sport, baby, Fleming collectibles and many more.

Luminara Candles – Ivory Wax Flame-less Moving Wick Candle with Timer or Remote – Vanilla Scent


Electric changeable Sleeve Candles – Electric candles with sleeves that can be changed with the seasons, holidays or your personal likes.

Switchable Night Lights  A night light fixture that lets you change the many available stained glass covers. The covers can also be used as ornaments and sun catchers.

Arrow with replacement Signs Another great gift is the Arrow with replacement signs. Many signs to choose from.

Wall Hangings

Grumpy Cats

Selfie Sticks

Everything for the tree – Removal bags, Tree stands, lights, and preservatives.


Nativity Scenes, Angels, Santa Claus, Wreaths, Picture Frames, Christmas Tree Ornaments